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Den Meetings and Adventures

Our grade-based dens meet on a regular basis where they work on fun “adventures” for their rank.  Here are just a few sample adventures for each rank:

Tigers (1st graders):
•    Team Tiger where they learn to be part of a team.  Activities include listing the teams they are members of, creating and implementing a den job chart and completing a community service project.
•    Tigers in the Wild where they learn about the outdoors and how to care for it.  Activities include taking a hike, visiting a nature center and identifying plants and animals.
•    Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries where they learn about magic, codes and science.  They’ll learn a magic trick, create a secret code and conduct a science demonstration.
•    Rolling Tigers is all about bicycling.  The boys will discuss safety rules, go on a bike hike and learn about bicycling jobs.

Wolves (2nd graders):
•    Running with the Pack teaches the boys about being healthy.  They’ll do physical activities such as the frog leap and kangaroo hop, play a sport and plan a healthy meal.
•    Howling at the Moon helps them learn confidence.  The boys will create a skit and plan, prepare and perform a role in a campfire program.
•    Digging in the Past is all about dinosaurs.  They’ll create an imaginary dinosaur, make edible fossil layers and create a dinosaur dig.
•    Finding Your Way teaches the boys how to read a map and use a compass.  They’ll draw a map for a friend, go on a scavenger hunt with a compass and go on a hike.

Bears (3rd graders):
•    Bear Claws is all about pocketknives.  The boys will learn pocketknife safety and will carve two items.
•    Bear Necessities teaches the boys about camping.  They’ll discuss what they need to bring on a campout, set up a tent and plan a cook a meal outdoors.
•    Ball the Builder teaches the boys about woodworking.  They’ll practice with hand tools and plan and build two wood projects.
•    A Bear Goes Fishing is an adventure all about fish and fishing.  The boys will discover what types of fish are in the area, learn about fishing equipment and regulations and go on a fishing trip.

Webelos (4th graders):
•    First Responder helps the boys know what to do in a medical emergency.  They’ll practice what to do in a “hurry” emergency such as serious bleeding or stopped breathing, and they’ll demonstrate first aid of minor issues such as treating cuts, blisters and insect bites.
•    Webelos Walkabout is all about hiking.  They’ll plan a hike, take the hike and perform a service project near the hiking site.
•    Aquanaut teaches the boys about swimming.  They’ll demonstrate water safety for swimming, diving and using a life jacket, and they’ll try to pass the Boy Scouts of America swim test.
•    Aware and Care helps the boys learn empathy.  They’ll participate in activities that simulate challenges of people with visual, hearing, dexterity and mobility impairments.

Arrow of Light (5th graders):
•    Building a Better World teaches the boys about being a good citizen and using resources wisely.  They’ll learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens, meet with a government leader and plan an activity without their leader’s help.
•    Scouting Adventure prepares the boys for the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  They’ll tie knots, visit with a Boy Scout troop and practice the patrol method.
•    Castaway is all about survival skills.  They’ll learn to light a fire without a match, what to do if they’re lost in the woods and how to be a leader in an emergency.
•    Into the Wild helps the boys learn about wildlife.  They’ll watch for birds, create an insect, amphibian or reptile “zoo” and identify a creature that only lives in our part of the country.

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